lunedì 14 giugno 2010

2010: Tora Chan has been selected at these Festivals!

• Cartoons on the Bay – in nomination for the “Pulcinella Awards” (Italy)

• Lucas 33International Kinderfestival Frankfurt (Germany)

• Piemonte Movie Festival (Italy)

• Festival di Dervio – prize to the characters (Italy)

• Festival Overlook (Italy)

• Sedicicorto 2010 (Italy)

• Tindirindis (Lituania)

• IV Festival Internazionale De L’Aquila (Italy)

• Red Stick International Animation Festival – Baton Rouge (Louisiana)

• Animateka – Europeqn Student Panorama (Slovenia)

• Kiskakas (Hungary)

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  1. Dear Tora,
    we would like to present you at our Comedyfilmfestival in Germany. How can I get in touch with you?